ISRI’s Plant Protection Research Team Conducted a Survey and Sampling of Sugarcane Crops Infected by Xylaria spp.

Root rot and stem rot are two of the essential diseases of sugarcane crop. It was first reported in 1993 while infecting sugarcane plantation areas in Lampung.

At first, it was reported that the two diseases caused by Xylaria spp only infect sugarcane in particular areas, such as Taiwan, the USA, as well as Puerto Rico.

The decline in yield resulting from the two diseases is estimated to be 5% for Plant Cane (PC) crops, and 30% or even more for Ratoon crops.

For sugarcane varieties that are very susceptible to diseases, the two diseases can cause crop death in a short time.

ISRI has competency to carry out an integrated root rot and stem rot disease control.

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