Modern, minimalist, and dynamic are three impressions that wished to be displayed on the ISRI’s logo. Overall, the color used is a combination of green, orange, and silver.

Green Color

The green color was chosen as it symbolizes health, naturalness, harmony, optimism, and empathy. There are two variants of green color in this logo, which are dark green and light green (gradation).

Gray/silver color

Gray/silver color on the ISRI’s logo shows safeness, cleverness, staidness, simplicity, practicality, professionalism, quality, technology as well as futuristic/modern.

The simple shape of sugarcane leaves is used as a symbol and point of interest of the ISRI’s logo. The shape of the leaves was designed to going upward, which means that the ISRI always makes progress and research on an ongoing basis.

Deliberately, the shape of sugar crystal is displayed not too vulgar. This aims to make a more minimalist, modern, and professional impression.